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Angela Antunes asked 10 months ago

1st of all, congratulations & txs for all the work.

I just dowloaded the latest popcorn time for mac and already had my vpn connected. Still, every time I try to watch anything it shows me a warning – “VPN DISABLED! It’s highly recommended…”. Even if I ignore the warning and click “continue” it shows me the same kind of security warning and doesn’t download.
Is there something else I should be doing?
Txs in advanced

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Popcorn Time Staff answered 10 months ago

Hi Angie,
That message only comes up if you’re using the time4popcorn fork without the built in VPN activated. If you just close it the download should start up. If it doesn’t it looks like there’s some other issue. Try it again with something else (another movie) to see if the problem remains. If it does you can try out another fork. You’ll find a list here: Popcorn Time forks

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