Popcorn Time Q&ACategory: VPNIs it safe to watch downloaded movies without Vpn?
Nichole asked 12 months ago

I have a Vpn that I use on my phone when downloading or watching popcorn time. However, if I want to connect my phone to my tv, both devices must be on the same network and I cannot use the vpn. If I download a movie using the vpn, then turn the Vpn off so I can connect my phone and tv, will my isp know that I am viewing illegal content? I was warned by my prior isp that they knew I was streaming illegal content and don’t want this to happen again. Thanks.

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Popcorn Time Staff answered 12 months ago

If you’re watching the movie with Popcorn Time, you’re still sharing it with other users even if your download has finished. Your ISP will be able to see that if you disconnect the VPN.

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