Popcorn Time Q&ACategory: ChromecastChromecast not casting when I press chromecast icon in Popcorn time
Ariee Jung asked 11 months ago


I have tried so many times to make this work but nothing seems to be working. I have uninstalled, restarted my computer and reinstalled the popcorn time app several times, and each time it has failed to fix the problem. The chromecast icon appears on Popcorn Time but when I press the button to cast the movie, the tv does not recognize it at all and does not cast it. My chromecast works fine with other devices and apps such as netflix and on google chrome itself so its not a problem with the chromecast, it is a problem that lies within Popcorn Time. Can anybody help me?

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Popcorn Time Staff answered 11 months ago

It’s hard to say as it can be caused by several issues. If you’re using a VPN that’s probably the problem but otherwise you can try out a different Popcorn Time version.

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