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Anonymous asked 1 year ago

Got the app in my iphone but the trashy airplay does not work, just send the audio to the tv…

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Popcorn Time Staff answered 1 year ago

I have a similiar problem, my popcorn 5.4 osx version isn’t working airplay function, the program recognizes my appleTV but don’t play nothing (audio and video).. i always get the error: “An error occurred loading this content”.
I have another version of popcorn 0.3.8-5 and works like a charm the airplay function with magnet links.. anyone knows how solve this? thanks

Spanish: Tengo un problema similar, mi popcorn time 5.4 para osx no anda la función airplay, el programa reconoce mi appletv pero no toca nada (ni audio ni video).. simpre tengo el error: “An error occurred loading this content”.
Tengo tambien otra vercion del popcorn 0.3.8-5 e anda perfecto la funcion airplay cuando utilizo magnet links.. Alguien sabe como resolver eso? Gracias..

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