Popcorn Time Q&ACategory: AirPlay and Apple TVAirplay doesn't work with popcorn time 5.4 osx version
Anonymous asked 1 year ago

My popcorn 5.4 osx version isn’t working airplay function, the program recognizes my appleTV but don’t play nothing (audio and video).. i always get the error: “An error occurred loading this content”.
I have another version of popcorn 0.3.8-5 and works like a charm the airplay function with magnet links.. anyone knows how solve this? thanks

Spanish: Mi popcorn time 5.4 para osx no anda la función airplay, el programa reconoce mi appletv pero no toca nada (ni audio ni video).. simpre tengo el error: “An error occurred loading this content”.
Tengo tambien otra vercion del popcorn 0.3.8-5 e anda perfecto la funcion airplay cuando utilizo magnet links.. Alguien sabe como resolver eso? Gracias..

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