Popcorn Time Community Edition or Popcorn Time CE was created in the vacuum following the shutdown of popcorntime.io. It began as a series of fixes meant to revive the popcorntime.io fork and was initially devised for users that already had the software installed. It has since developed in to a version in its own right with binaries (installation files) and also  has its own website(s).


Popcorn Time CE features

Popcorn Time CE is based on the popcorntime.io version and is thus almost identical in appearance and features. These include Chromecast, Apple TV (with AirPlay) and DLNA support, PC software for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and apps for Android and Android TV.

Two developer teams decided to continue working on the software when popcorntime.io was shut down and they both (very inconveniently) chose to call their forks Popcorn Time CE.


Besides making Popcorn Time work again, the popcorntime.ag fork has also updated the desktop software fixing a few minor issues and also added a Google Cloud option, that doesn’t stream from a torrent but downloads directly from Google Drive. It’s faster than torrents and means no sharing but thus far the quality can’t compete.

Popcorntime.ag has launched an alternative, Torrents Time V2.0, that requires no specialized software but plays torrent and magnet link directly from the browser. You can use it at ANY torrent website so if you prefer it this way you don’t even need to open up Popcorn Time. Just click the torrent or magnet link of what you want to watch and playback will start (almost) instantly. Try it out at popcorntime.ag/torrents-time.html.

They also have an online version you can use without installing any software at all: popcorntime.ag/online-version.html.

If you want to follow the fork on reddit, they hang out at reddit.com/r/PopcornTimeCE.


The popcorntimece.ch fork is so far identical to the most recent popcorntime.io version but has been updated to using working movie and TV resources.

You can follow the fork on reddit at reddit.com/r/PopCornTime.

Popcorn Time CE websites

Visit popcorntime.ag

Visit popcorntimece.ch

Popcorn Time Community Edition CE

The Popcorn Time Community Edition has brought the official Popcorn Time service back to life.