There’s no Popcorn Time app for the Apple TV but it can still be used to watch Popcorn Time on your TV with AirPlay. The method relies on relaying Popcorn Time playback from any compatible device such as a PC, smartphone or tablet to an Apple TV within same local network.

What’s an Apple TV?

The Apple TV is a cool little device you connect to any TV with an HDMI cable and to your home network using either WiFi or an ethernet cable. Apple TV can best be described as a “Smart TV box” that via the included remote allows you to run and control apps on your television. A plethora of apps exists for Apple TV including iTunes music, iTunes movie, Netflix, etc. You can read more here if you want to see the full list of apps. Alas, as Popcorn Time is widely used to violate copyrights there’s no app for Apple TV and there most likely never will be.

It’s still very useful thanks to a neat feature of the Apple TV which makes it interesting for Popcorn Time users, namely its capacity as an AirPlay receiver. AirPlay is a clever Apple function with which users can stream audio and video wirelessly to AirPlay receivers on the same network.

apple tv

With an Apple TV connected to your TV, you can wirelessly stream Popcorn Time from your computer, smartphone or tablet to the flatscreen using AirPlay.

Several of the Popcorn Time versions have built-in AirPlay support which means that instead of playing Popcorn Time on the device where the program or app is installed, you can send it to an Apple TV and thus to the TV it’s connected to.

This allows for a nice setup in the living room where you don’t have cables lying around and from the comfort of your couch can navigate Popcorn Time menus on devices such as an iPhone or iPad and then send playback to the TV. It should be noted here that playback with AirPlay not only works from Apple products, but also on Windows and Android devices.

Watching Popcorn Time with Apple TV and AirPlay

Playing movies or TV-episodes with Apple TV is as simple as playing it on your computer or mobile device. All you have to do is to select the AirPlay receiver, in this case the Apple TV, as the playback device in Popcorn Time before starting the video. Once the video is playing, playback can be controlled with the Apple TV remote.

popcorn time apple tv airplay

1: Click the icon to the right of “Watch/Watch now”. 2: Select “Apple TV” as the playback device. 3: Start watching

Apple TV alternatives

You find an almost identical function in Chromecast, Google’s answer to an Apple TV. If you have neither but want a wireless solution, Chromecast is recommended over Apple TV as it is both cheaper and uses an open API which makes it easy for developers to create apps and programs for the system. Therefore, there are typically fewer problems with Chromecast than AirPlay but as there’s no Chromecast remote, playback has to be controlled on the device running Popcorn Time

Another option is streaming with DLNA but that requires you have a compatible TV.